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A 7.3-magnitude earthquake on the Iran-Iraq border leaves hundreds dead

We have published a number of editorials on FCNN and 222 website in Farsi and in English about the serious possibility of earthquake in Tehran both pragmatically and prophetically.

The consequences will be beyond catastrophic!

While on many Islamic countries, such as Pakistan , the mobs are full of bitterness against Israel, the only Islamic country which 'curses' Israel and its people everyday is Iran. We have pronounced curse in 'every' religious and national gathering and every day school kids march on flags pronouncing 'death' ,

The Bible is very explicit and clear what befalls on those who do this. The Iranian clerics did not wake up after dried rivers, lakes, collapse of land mass at an alarming rate! This is yet another warning!

We, followers of Christ , same as Nehemiah, should cry and confess the sins of our people and intercede as more calamities will give unimaginable national anguish. Maybe like leaders in Nineveh, leaders in Iran will repent from all their sins and atrocities perpetrated against Christians for Four decades.

We find economists article pertinent to share;


AS EARTHQUAKES go, it was far from the world's strongest, with a magnitude of 7.3. Nonetheless, it was the deadliest quake so far in 2017, killing about 400 people and injuring 7,000. A further 70,000 are reported to be homeless. The epicentre lay 30km (18 miles) south of Halabja in Iraq, but almost all of the casualties occurred in Iran's Kurdish heartland, in the country's marginalised north-west.


Footage from Sarpol-e Zahab, an Iranian town of 35,000 close to the Iraqi border, shows entire neighbourhoods reduced to rubble. Cars lie buried under concrete. Angry residents have been heard blaming poor construction quality and government corruption for the heavy death toll. Many of the victims lived in the social housing complexes that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had built when he was president barely a decade ago. As older buildings remained standing, many of the newer blocks collapsed like concertinas.

Critics are already accusing the authorities of responding slowly. Iran's Kermanshah province, where most of the damage occurred, is home to both Shia and Sunni Muslims. But in the more isolated and worst-hit Sunni localities, Sunni charities—including those of Islah and Dawa Group, an Iranian Islamist group close to the Muslim Brotherhood—were said to have arrived on the scene first with tents and water. In September Iran's government, run largely by Shia clerics, sent security forces into Sunni Kurdish towns to suppress demonstrations expressing support for an independence vote in Iraqi Kurdistan. As the surviving families spend a second night outdoors in the mountainous cold, the authorities might yet have to contend with a new set of grievances.


Source : Economist
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