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“Worker’s Protests of the Iranian national steel industrial group in Ahaz”

3500 workers of this industrial factory had protests and a number of them have been threatened by their private employer to record their absence from work, depriving form benefits of the employees during the days of inactivity, expulsion and introduction to competent authorities.

On February 5th the free union of workers in Iran announced a circular from human resources directorate of this company. According to the worker's report of this unit; this official threat, happened when the employer paid worker's belated salary until February 4th  just because of their protests and refuses to pay any other claims of these 3500 workers.

According to the report, workers of the Iranian steel industrial group in addition to belated salary, demanded the employer's commitment for timely payment of wages, social security premium, and dismissal of managers who created the current problems. Also the free union of workers reported that a few number of staff of the Iranian steel industrial group was accused that they have hampered the work of their colleagues.

Iranian national steel industrial belonged to the Amir Mansur Ariya investment group that after prosecuted for three billion embezzlement, its temporary administration was transferred to the judiciary and then transferred to the national bank also in recent months it has been delegated to a private company which the free union of workers hasn't mentioned the name of this company. In the same time on November 30th the website of Khuz news wrote that someone named ‘Seyyed Abdol-Reza Mousavi' won a tender that was held by the national bank.

This isn't the first time that the workers of national steel industrial group have been protesting

The ILNA reported that more than 200 workers from the national steel industrial group on August 16th gathered together against the central national bank's building in Ahvaz because it took prolonged for their salary payment. Workers news organizations and other news agencies reported that workers of the factories and companies from different cities have been protested recently and some of them are from the workers of the Nilu tile factory in Isfahan, Marivan tobacco's workers, workers of Shahrood railway, Khorramshahr soap making company, employees of water organization in Tehran, workers of the railway company in Varamin, Azerbaijan's housing company, contractors of Shahid Tondgooyan petrochemical company in Imam Khomeini port and truck drivers in Rasht. Most of the protest workers have been asking for their unpaid salary.

The problem of not paying the worker's belated salary has intensified these years, also it is the reason of protests and gathering workers together inside the factories and also against the government buildings.
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