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The story behind a death rumour

Recently, there has been a false rumour about the death of the dear pastor Henry Manokian circulating Facebook. The post, which is full of lies and prejudice, clearly shows the fingerprints of the agents of the Iranian Government. But why would they spread a false, destructive and insulting rumour about a dear pastor while he is still with us?

During past decades, the agents of the Iranian regime and all those apposed to the Truth have tried to stand against God's truth and thwart His plan, which has been revealed in the Bible. They have persecuted vulnerable men and women of God for years, angered by their intimate relationship and inner peace with God through giving their hearts to Christ as their saviour. These persecutions can be anything from the confiscating of a believer's belongings, to imprisonment, to threatening them until they are forced to leave Iran – preventing them forever from returning to their homeland which they love.

The persecution by the Iranian regime is driven by fear. It is designed to prevent others from knowing the truth and becoming enlightened in their knowledge of God and the truth of the gospel. Because it is by knowing Jesus and his work on the cross that people can break free from their bonds and the chains of sin.

So why spread these rumours about pastor Henry? Reverend Henry Manokian is one of the most prominent examples among Iranian believers of someone whose chains have been broken by the truth of Jesus Christ. Henry, born in Tehran, was addicted to heroin for many years, but Yousef Nazanin, a true example of Christ, selflessly brought a homeless Henry into his own home and took care of him. Through his prayers, Yousef's Christ-like love and God's miraculous work, Henry Manokian was set free from his addiction to heroin. (Below is a Farsi video of Rev. Henry Manokian talking about his story on DastaneMa.com)

Like so many before him, Henry understands the freeing power of Christ, and has given his life to serving the Lord through preaching the Good News and sharing his personal testimony. He is the reason many others have been set free from their chains and is one of the thousands of Christians serving the Lord in a world full of evil and darkness – all because of the Christ-like example of Yousef Nazanin and others like him.

Those who listened to and accepted his message have become transformed people by the grace of God. They stay away from drug abuse, lying, cursing and any other crime which is so prevalent in society. Instead, their transformed and honest lives are an example of God's grace for all to see.

This, of course, is a huge threat to governments who take advantage of drug dealers, moral and social corruption and the spreading of anti-theism. Therefore, Iran's government has often tried to block the life-giving message of the gospel by using any method necessary.

Through lies and infiltration they have attempted to silence and destroy the good work Christ is doing in people's lives. They have tried to ruin the image of Christ's church in Iran, changing people's perspective about Christ and Christianity. This way they'll be able to keep people away from the power of Christ's name. In recent years the intelligence agency of Iran has sent many people posing as Christians to live among genuine Christians with the purpose of the destroying the work of Christ, and attempting to annihilate Christ's church with shameful charges to pastors and ministers of God.

They are doing everything they can to prevent people from hearing the salvation message, but our Lord has revealed their evil plans one after the other before they can harm us.

Zachariah 13:7 says: Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, and against the man that is my fellow, saith the Lord of hosts: smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered: and I will turn mine hand upon the little ones.

Note from FCNN: If you have a social account in Facebook , don't believe the people who claim to be a Christian and don't share any of your secrets and don't invite them to your personal life because not only they'll share wrong information from Christ and his church nut will also hurt you permanently so be aware.

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