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Trump’s new order renews old harms.

This week, the Trump administration announced a revised travel ban, sending a message that Muslims are not welcome in the US and devastating refugees seeking protection.

Similar to Trump's first travel ban — which federal judges blocked — this reckless order bars entry into the US of people from six Muslim-majority nations, and slams the door shut on refugee women, men, and children escaping violence and persecution.

The Trump administration has invoked this updated ban in the name of fighting terrorism, but we know what it really is: warmed-up gruel meant to fuel bigotry and scapegoat refugees and Muslims.

Putting this order into effect will create a false sense of security that genuine steps are being taken to protect Americans from attack. This is not the reality.

You can't determine who's a terrorist by the country they come from. The Department of Homeland Security's own intelligence report found that “country of citizenship is unlikely to be a reliable indicator of potential terrorist activity.”

People come to the US for various reasons: to flee violence and persecution, to obtain higher education, to reunite with their families. We must stand up for the human rights of everyone.

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