April 15, 2021
Our Vision

Statement of our vision and mission

Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN) exists to communicate the plight of Christians facing persecution in Iran. FCNN is purposed to speak for the unheard voice of the Christian church in Iran:

The Islamic Republic of Iran has demonstrated its often deadly hostility to Christians in Iran, particularly those from a Muslim background who make profession of Jesus Christ. Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN) is focused to providing information on the plight of Christians within Iran, being able to tell the world about how Christians are being treated and to activate support for these people through prayer and advocacy. We will also endeavour to report on cases affecting those from other faiths who are being persecuted (e.g those of the Bahá’i faith who have suffered greatly under the Islamic regime).
FCNN with its increased recognition as an unbiased, transparent, reliable and important source of such information, is quoted widely in the Christian press, and is associated with the Federation of Human Rights Activists in Iran, which monitors violations of human rights. It is now used as a resource by a number of Christian organisations dedicated to speaking out on behalf of the persecuted church. Without taking any particular political position FCNN intends to become one of the voices supporting freedom of conscience and worship for the established and emerging church in Iran.
Considering the significant numbers of Iranians living outside Iran who have family and friends remaining in the country, we believe this service is particularly informative about the situation of those facing persecution, and in particular providing news updates of those Christians who have been imprisoned.
FCNN also hopes to serve the Iranian community in the Diaspora by accurate and timely reporting as well as serving the Christian church throughout the world to make them aware of the plight of their brothers and sisters in Iran, in order to engage in active prayer, advocacy and support in whatever means possible.
To this end we strive to serve as God enables us in His grace.

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