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Unjust Death of Iranian Christian Teenager in Bosnia

Mohammad Reza was a young man of 19 years old who gave his heart to Jesus in Iran so that he may begin his journey to serve God.  On 7 April 2019 he died in the most tragic conditions and went to his creator. 


FCNN's reporter in Bosnia writes the following: 

Mohammad Reza was persecuted and threatened in Iran for a long time before and after coming to faith in Jesus Christ.  As a result he was forced to leave the country illegally overnight.  Having reached Bosnia and traveling on his way to cross the border he was was arrested and given temporary permission to remain as a refugee.  Despite this he had no place to stay that was warm and he had to resort to entering a building which was under construction to spend the night.  At midnight he awoke to leave the building, but sadly as it was dark he fell into the open elevator shaft, suffering a broken shoulder, broken legs and a concussion.

He was taken to hospital where he was given initial emergency treatment, but despite him showing no sign of improvement it appears that the hospital's medical staff transferred him to a routine ward where unfortunately after a short time this young man died.   His medical expenses were being paid for by a local church.

It is worth reflecting that such incidents may happen every day for hundreds of refugees traveling uncertain journeys that we never hear of.  Even indirectly the persecution of Christians and other minorities by the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran plays a significant role in perpetrating suffering as shown in the unplanned displacement and death of Mohammad Reza.

For many years we have seen and shared how this regime has exerted great pressure on Christians and other religious minorities, often imprisoning them, exiling them or depriving them of even the minimum of social rights, even tearing them from their families.

This form of human rights abuse is so severe in Iran, and the regime must, at least in accordance with its own Constitution, be answerable for these crimes.   The text of the Constitution proposes rights of freedom of expression and belief, bu its practice runs counter to what it does.

In the end the Persian-speaking community of the 222 Church sympathizes with this dear young man's family, recognizing the tragedy of his loss and asks God's peace for this family 

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